Driftless Area Wild and Rare

Non Game Wildlife Habitat Guide: The first and second editions of the habitat guide were developed by members of the Wild and Rare Committee, a committee established by the DARE in 2007, to formulate ideas of how to incorporate habitat features that would benefit non game fish, amphibians and reptiles into stream restoration projects. The ad hoc committee consists of herpetologists, NRCS, Trout Unlimited, Minnesota DNR, Wisconsin DNR, University- Wisconsin Platteville, and others.

The Second edition of the riparian habitat guide provides detailed information about the habitat needs of a wide variety of Driftless Area non game fish, amphibian, invertebrate, reptile, bird, and mammal species. The guide describes specific habitat features and provides associated designs that can be integrated into upland, riparian, wetland and in-stream projects where appropriate. The guide also shares potential monitoring techniques and general time frames for conducting surveys to evaluate the benefits to the target species or community.

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